Photos By Ágúst

I was sitting one evening at my grannys, checking old photos. My mom starts to talk about how bad some of these photos are, that my uncle took. She tells me how he got mocked for not placing the object in the centre and how he was terrible at photographing. I strongly disagreed.

It lead to him putting the camera down and the passion faded away. This was roughly 40 years ago, and I just wanted too share some of his photos and make them live on forever.

These are Photos by Ágúst.

Jan 30

lucidity-- said: I really really love this tumblr. the pictures are incredible and I am so happy you shared them with us. Are there more?
I hope so!
I hope you can continue posting pictures your uncle took. I agree with you, they are very incredible photographs and your uncle was very talented. thank you so much for sharing.

I’m glad you like them.

I know of an album he has, and I’m eager to look through it. The thing is that he lives on Iceland and me in Sweden. But I will work on getting them online as soon as possible.

Anonymous said: Where were these photos taken?


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